Disability support

The training centre for differently-abled persons (TCDP) in the grounds of the cathedral is a small facility catering offering one-year courses for young men and women between the ages of 15 and 18. CRS provides the premises, the trained teachers and resources.


Students receive teaching in basic arithmetic, regional language alphabets and reading in the regional language commensurate with their abilities. They are also encouraged to draw. The students are constantly mentored so that they may reach their greatest potential.

Training courses

Students are trained in skills such as making chalk, moulding candles, binding books, making paper bags, and sewing commensurate with their mental and physical abilities. In the future they can use these skills to earn a living and be more independent.

Interpersonal skills

Students learn how to interact with others.

Physical activity

Many of the students enjoy yoga classes. Students also participate in sports days.

Health checks

CRS provides regular health checks for the students and makes referrals where necessary.

Parent support

Many of the students travel some distance to the TCDP each day with their carers, usually their mothers. The TCDP provides a haven where children with disabilities are encouraged rather than discriminated. Many enjoy the social time with other parents facing similar circumstances.

The TCDP makes a big difference in a few lives every year. Your support can help more young people with difficulties to develop confidence and skills.