CRS has established football teams for boys under 10 at four Education Centres in Kolkata: BD Colony, Bibibagan, GB Lane and Sukantanagar. As well as developing their ball skills, training and playing together is a means of nurturing teamwork and giving children motivation.


Coaching – CRS has  appointed a coach to take training sessions, as well as motivate and mentor the young players.

Kit and equipment – Team kits in various colours, as well as balls and training equipment, have been generously donated by UK supporters.

Matches – Teams compete periodically against each other, and matches have also been played with teams from other schools and organisations. Competing gives the boys a sense of pride in their community and identity.


Meanwhile in Leicestershire, UK, the Friends of CRS sponsor one of the youth teams of Loughborough Emmanuel Football Club (LEFC) which play in the Derby Community League. The team has the Friends of CRS logo emblazoned on their shirts, shorts and rain jackets. Throughout the season, at home and away matches, hundreds of other players and their supporters see this logo, raising awareness about the organisation.

We hope to develop more links between the boys in Kolkata and their contemporaries in Leicestershire so that they can exchange the latest football news and get to know one another.