Teachers brush up on skills

While children from CRS schools started their summer holidays, their teachers went back to school!

20 teachers from various locations gathered together for annual skills training.

Led by a trainer from the government’s State Resource Centre, they revised effective teaching methods and practiced using different visual learning resources.

Training in legal affairs

Ten members of the Women’s Empowerment Group at Pally Mangal received valuable training in legal affairs in May.

Ms Susmita Mallick, a government advocate, made the group aware of what free legal support they are entitled to from the government and also gave helpful information about how to file different types of issues and offences with the police.

Great poet honoured

The birthday of the poet, artist, musician, and nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, is celebrated every year with great pride by Bengali people.

For this year’s 157th anniversary, children at CRS schools dressed up, paraded through the streets, recited poetry and performed dances in his honour .

Prestigious award for TCDP student

We are thrilled to announce that Romita Singha from the CRS Training Centre for the Different-abled Persons (TCDP) has received a “State Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities 2018” from the Government of West Bengal.

32-year old Romita received her medal, certificate and cash prize on 3rd December, which was World Disability Day. Romita, who has learning disabilities, suffers from seizures and has some hearing loss, has been attending the TCDP for the past 5 years, where she has learned embroidery and loves to sing. Congratulations to Romita!