We welcome regular and occasional giving to support ongoing activities, but there are special needs for particular projects, including infrastructure works. Find out about the latest fundraising appeals and successfully completed projects.


Current fundraising appeal

Funds needed for extension at Pally Mangal

CRS has been involved with the community at Pally Mangal in the Tollygunge area of south Kolkata since 1996 with a focus on women’s empowerment.

The women meet in a small one-roomed building which juts out into the roadway. At one point, the local authorities wanted to demolish it. However, a temple a little further along the road equally juts out and, since the temple cannot be demolished, the community building is protected.

In fact, the community committee has now received permission to construct an additional floor. Expanding this tiny space is desperately needed.

The estimated cost of building the extra floor is approximately £3,300. Can you help us to raise this money?




Past appeals

Multipurpose building in Mahamaya

In July 2018 we issued an appeal for £14,000 for the costs of adding two floors to the existing community building in Mahamaya. At the time, the pre-primary age children and women took turns to use the single room for their activities. The vision was to create a multi-purpose building with enough space for a school, medical centre, and a workspace for the women to make products for sale.

We are very pleased to say that, through the generosity of our donors, enough money was raised to complete the project within budget. In total £13,500 was given, of which over £7,000 came from Scargill School in Derbyshire – a commendable achievement for the parents, teachers and children of a small primary school. Thank you to everyone who supported this appeal!