CRS supports community Health Centres in 9 urban and rural locations. CRS provides the doctors’ salaries and medicines while the local partner organisation is responsible for providing premises for holding clinics and health training.

Child health – Doctors give fortnightly checkups to children attending CRS Education Centres including growth-monitoring. Students at the Training Centre for Disabled Persons are also given health checks.

Community clinics – Doctors offer clinic hours for all members of the community and can dispense basic medicines.

Awareness raising – CRS organises health visitors to deliver sessions on health and sanitation, such as the importance of hand-washing, good nutrition,  spotting signs of tuberculosis and cancer awareness. Many of these focus are done as part of the CRS education programme and CRS women’s empowerment programme.

Health camps – Day-long camps offer free care to a whole community, such as dental check-ups.

Screening – Periodic screening programmes are carried out for a range of health concerns from cataracts to cancer, with support for treatment as needed.

Referrals – Health teams are able to make referrals to specialist doctors or clinics for people with disabilities such as blindness or polio.

Mental health – Many of the children in CRS Education Centres come from families where their parents are alcoholics or drug users; some have mothers who work in prostitution. As a result they can suffer from abuse and neglect. CRS enables such children to receive counselling from qualified people, and has also given training to teachers so that they can offer basic counselling support too.

Buildings – Generous donations from the UK Friends of CRS enabled the construction of a three-storey, solar-powered health centre at Balarampur which serves 8 villages.

The CRS health programme has made a tremendous difference in countless lives by diagnosing and treating illness, alleviating pain and reducing the incidence of disease. Your support can help many more people to improve their health and well-being.