Basic supplies delivered to Hastings community

On Wednesday 23 April, the CRS team took basic food supplies to Hastings, a squatter settlement located under a concrete flyover. We have supported this community of extremely poor families for several years and they are among the most needy during this time of emergency lockdown when people are without income. People queued patiently for bags of essential goods. Thanks to your kind donations, more families are being helped through this crisis.


Distribution of emergency aid

Many thanks to those who have already responded to our emergency appeal to help poor communities during the coronavirus lockdown in Kolkata.

On Easter Sunday food packets with basics such as rice, lentils, sugar, milk and oil were distributed to over 200 families. On Easter Monday the CRS vehicle went to another location and distributed a similar amount to very grateful recipients.

If you wish to donate so that food aid can be extended to other needy communities, please visit to find out how.