Training sessions for Mahamaya women

CRS has been working in Mahamaya, a small village in the 24 South Parganas district of West Bengal about two hours’ drive south from Kolkata, since 2012.

A training session was held recently on garment making, giving women who attend the CRS women’s empowerment programme in the village, new skills and the chance to practice making clothing items on sewing machines.

A group of women subsequently travelled into the city for a day’s training on quality control. At the Nari Dana Production Centre they learned how to sew and embroider products with precision, and how to ensure conformity of quality and style.

CRS is currently raising funds to complete construction of a multi-purpose building in Mahamaya and expand activities there.

The ground floor is already in existence, used as a school in the morning and by women’s groups the afternoon.

The vision is to have three floors to accommodate the school, a medical clinic, and a workspace for the women to make products