Hunger in India is rising – here’s how CRS is helping tackle the issue

Climate change is exacerbating hunger in India, according to a report by the International Food Policy Research Institute. With levels in India considered to be ‘serious’ at present, it’s estimated that almost 74 million Indians will be at risk of hunger by 2030. Read the full article on the India Today website here.

CRS recently launched its nutrition programme, which aims to provide hundreds of children with a healthy, dietician-advised meal every day. The programme aims to combat hunger and a lack of nutrition among some of India’s most disadvantaged children.

With the initiative costing around £10,000 per year, the generosity of CRS supporters is vital. To find out more about the nutrition programme and how you can donate, please see our Fundraising appeals page.

Youngsters learn about the environment

A two-day event at Basanti Devi Colony school saw 60 members of the community learning about the importance of caring for the environment. CRS’s Education Centres teach basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as encouraging artistic expression through dance, music and drawing. An additional strand of learning is environmental awareness so that youngsters appreciate the world around them and the need to care for their local environment and its resources. Children from Basanti Devi Colony school and nearby Sukantanagar school, along with women from the community, attended sessions that culminated in the planting of saplings in the compound of the school. Children from the Environment Club have committed to caring for the trees as they grow.