School teacher exchange programme

The Diocesan Board of Education in Derby, UK, secured a British Council grant for an exciting new exchange programme. In September, seven head teachers from church schools in Kolkata visited schools in the Derby diocese. In October the visit was reciprocated with a group of teachers from Derbyshire spending two weeks in India where they visited a range of education institutions from well-funded, prestigious schools to some of the CRS Education Centres which serve poor children in the slums.

It is hoped that this is just the start of enriching and long-lasting links between schools in the two countries. The British teachers noted that many of the Indian schools showed an extraordinary passion for transforming the lives of the poorest children, but few resources and little training. Among the follow up plans are UK teachers providing professional development for teachers in the slum schools through peer mentoring and model teaching, and fundraising to improve or replace 15 buildings which host the CRS Education Centres.