Youngsters learn about the environment

A two-day event at Basanti Devi Colony school saw 60 members of the community learning about the importance of caring for the environment. CRS’s Education Centres teach basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as encouraging artistic expression through dance, music and drawing. An additional strand of learning is environmental awareness so that youngsters appreciate the world around them and the need to care for their local environment and its resources. Children from Basanti Devi Colony school and nearby Sukantanagar school, along with women from the community, attended sessions that culminated in the planting of saplings in the compound of the school. Children from the Environment Club have committed to caring for the trees as they grow.

Cathedral service focuses on CRS

On Sunday 2nd August, the whole of the morning service at St Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata was given over to CRS. Members of the congregation learned more about the activities of CRS through presentations from Rig and other staff members. They heard choral pieces by children from some of the slum-based Education Centres and from young adults who attend the Training Centre for Differently-abled Persons. After the service, women from some of the self-help groups held an exhibition of their wares including embroidery work and tailored items.