Prestigious award for TCDP student

We are thrilled to announce that Romita Singha from the CRS Training Centre for the Different-abled Persons (TCDP) has received a “State Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities 2018” from the Government of West Bengal.

32-year old Romita received her medal, certificate and cash prize on 3rd December, which was World Disability Day. Romita, who has learning disabilities, suffers from seizures and has some hearing loss, has been attending the TCDP for the past 5 years, where she has learned embroidery and loves to sing. Congratulations to Romita!

B D Colony versus G B Lane

The football teams from B D Colony and G B Lane went head-to-head last week in an exciting match won by B D Colony. Participating in football gives boys from CRS Education Centres motivation and a sense of pride, as well as developing teamwork. This sporting initiative has been a really successful since being established about ten years ago.