Help for cyclone victims

Thank you again for your generous donations! The funds were used to purchase 400 tarpaulins and 400 sets of cooking utensils for families whose homes were destroyed or damaged during Cyclone Amphan.

Distribution was delayed due to continuing pandemic lockdowns but, by the last week of August, we were able to hand out these items at our project locations at Bibibagan, Brace Bridge and Hastings. The intention is to deliver to a total of 11 CRS projects and Cathedral parishes over the coming weeks.

Renovation at Pally Mangal underway

Last autumn we issued a fundraising appeal to extend the CRS centre at Pally Mangal. The tiny one-roomed building was a real squeeze for women attending empowerment and training classes.

CRS supporters Paul Stuttle and Jo Whitehead generously gave £2,400, which with recoverable gift aid, was enough to cover all the costs to build an extra floor.

Renovation commenced in March but had to stop when the coronavirus lockdown started. However, as of June, work resumed and good progress has been made on building a staircase and an upper floor.

Distribution of emergency aid

Many thanks to those who have already responded to our emergency appeal to help poor communities during the coronavirus lockdown in Kolkata.

On Easter Sunday food packets with basics such as rice, lentils, sugar, milk and oil were distributed to over 200 families. On Easter Monday the CRS vehicle went to another location and distributed a similar amount to very grateful recipients.

If you wish to donate so that food aid can be extended to other needy communities, please visit to find out how.


Mahamaya building officially inaugurated

There were grand celebrations on 30 January 2020 for the inauguration of the multi-purpose centre at Mahamaya.

The ceremony was presided over by the Bishop of Calcutta, Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning.

He was accompanied by guests including Revd. Anita Matthews, one of the Trustees of the UK Friends of CRS, Mr. Peter Routley, a long-time associate of and donor to CRS, teachers from Scargill CofE Primary School, members of the CRS Executive Committee, and visitors from Derbyshire.

There are still some finishing touches to be made to the upper floors but this building will soon be in full use for a variety of activities supporting residents of Mahamaya and surrounding villages.



Small change adds up

Naresh and Rashmi Ghelani, who run a newsagents in Cambridge, have been loyal supporters of CRS for many years.

As well as the collection box on the counter in the shop, Rashmi makes everyone empty out loose change from their pockets and purses whenever she goes to a family gathering!

In the past ten months these collections have amounted to £360, mainly in small silver and copper coins, all of which makes an appreciable difference for CRS.