Asit Dutta

We are saddened to announce the death of Asit Dutta, better known to all at CRS as Asit Da, which means ‘elder brother’. Asit Da served CRS for 42 years, with a particular focus on improving the health of disadvantaged communities. He was involved in setting up health projects for the children, women and wider communities where health facilities were previously minimal or non-existent. Most recently, he helped establish the Bosekati health clinic at St Luke’s Church, which has already provided over 500 people with life-changing health check-ups and medication.

Rig David, Director and Secretary of CRS, said: ‘Asit Da was extremely organised and methodical in his work. He was always ready to help anyone in need of medical assistance. He always wore a smile and tried to do his best lovingly, even in the most difficult situations. He was an extremely strong-minded person who came back to continue his work at CRS a week before he left us for his heavenly abode.’

Asit Da performs a health check-up on a woman from one of the CRS health projects.
Asit Da performing a health check-up at the Bosekati clinic.