About the area

Bosekati is a small town located in West Bengal with a population of over 22,000. Unfortunately the area has a severe lack of accessible health care facilities, including doctors surgeries, hospitals and chemists. Residents have no choice but to travel long distances to access health care and medicine, or go without. The poorest are particularly affected by this lack of provision.

Current CRS programmes

In Bosekati, CRS runs a community health centre, offering weekly clinics, provision of prescription medication, referrals to specialist services, and other services aimed at looking after and improving health in the area.

The project, first launched in 2021, aims to increase awareness of health issues and encourage healthy habits among the community, as well as provide quick and convenient access to health care.

The clinics provide preventive and promotive health measures by qualified doctors (both general as well as specialist).

Consultations and medicines are available for nominal charges and those requiring specialised treatment are referred to Government hospitals.

This initiative needs your support to ensure the people of Bosekati have access to health care – a basic human right.