CRS provides support for marginalised and disadvantaged communities in three thematic areas – education, health and women’s empowerment. There is also a centre for young people with disabilities. Special initiatives include football and a new social enterprise for women.

Children –  CRS supports 13 Education Centres for children from deprived communities. In the classroom they are taught a range of subjects but there is also a focus on personal development and life skills. This programme is vital for enabling disadvantaged children to enter the mainstream education system and improve their life chances.

Health  CRS supports 9 Health Centres in disadvantaged communities offering a range of curative and preventative services. These provide regular health checks, screening programmes, awareness camps and specialist referrals. This programme is vital for treating short-term illnesses, chronic diseases and disabilities.

Women – CRS supports women’s empowerment programmes in 8 locations, which includes training courses in practical and financial skills, awareness raising classes and self help groups. This programme is vital for giving women self-confidence, financial independence and a sense of equality.

Disabilities – CRS runs a Training Centre for Differently-abled Persons (TCDP) offering courses to young people with physical and mentally disabilities. The students learn skills that enable them to earn an income and be more independent.

Football – CRS has set up football teams for boys in several of the Education Centres. These nurture teamwork, motivation and pride. The boys in Kolkata are also paired with a team of football-mad boys in the UK through a sponsorship scheme.

Nari Dana – The latest initiative is an exciting new partnership between a UK fashion designer and ladies in Kolkata’s slums. A small group of women have been selected as the first employees of a new production centre and will sew and embroider items for sale in the UK.